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Secure Your Home With These Valuable Tips.

One of the biggest concerns for people with children is establishing a sense of security and safety for the family. Whether you want to have a gun license, install a fence or buy a dog, you have several options. Read this article for ideas on ways to protect your family. Always make your house appear […]


Mass Effect Legendary Edition changed a character’s race, fixing a decade-old bug

Elanos Haliat, a human-hating pirate and previous leader of the Terminus Systems, appears in Mass Effect 1 on the world of Agebinium. Shepard encounters him when investigating a mysterious nuclear probe which needs to be defused. Haliat has a history – he organised the attack on the human colony named Elysium prior to the events […]


My favourite planet: The quiet awe of Installation 04, AKA the original Halo

Halo, the series, owes a lot more than just its name to its original setting. The name is a pretty good start, though, with its evocation of holy reverence, of refracted glory, of encircled perfection. It is the name the religious zealots of the Covenant have bestowed upon a mysterious celestial body: a ringworld orbiting […]


Mass Effect Legendary Edition off to good start on Steam

EA’s second-highest concurrent player total, behind Apex Legends. Mass Effect Legendary Edition seems to be going down well on Steam, where its launch racked up EA’s second-highest concurrent player total, behind Apex Legends. Its current peak concurrent total of 59,650 (via Steam Charts and BenjiSales) is the highest for any Mass Effect or indeed BioWare […]


A Microsoft Flight Simulator modder is building a tour guide to the entire world

An ambitious modder is building an audio tour of the entire virtual world – inside Microsoft Flight Simulator. Bushtalk Radio is a community-driven project that adds audio descriptions to over 8000 points of interest in the sim. These audio descriptions are played automatically as you arrive at one of the supported POIs. Some of the […]


Samurai Shodown hits Steam 14th June with a new DLC character

Samurai Shodown hits Steam 14th June with a new DLC character, SNK has announced. The fighting game arrives on Steam a year after it launched on PC via the Epic Games Store. On the same day, new DLC character Shiro Tokisada Amakusa comes out. Amakusa is the third of Samurai Shodown’s season pass three characters, […]


Assassin’s Creed fans translate all of Valhalla’s Vinland dialogue

Assassin’s Creed fansite Access the Animus has worked with Montreal’s Kanien’kehá:ka Onkwawén:na Raotitióhkwa Language and Cultural Center to translate all of the unsubtitled dialogue in Valhalla’s Vinland arc. The video below reveals what is being said in all of the conversations going on around Eivor in this part of the game, which she (and you) […]


Walsall council criticised for enormous “Super Mario” plant pots

Local residents told to pipe down. The arrival of 15 enormous green plant pots in Walsall has prompted criticism from local residents, who say they’re a waste of public cash and look like “something from Super Mario Brothers”. Walsall council has been slammed for splashing taxpayer pounds on the oversized planters, which have been arranged […]