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Secure Your Home With These Valuable Tips.

One of the biggest concerns for people with children is establishing a sense of security and safety for the family. Whether you want to have a gun license, install a fence or buy a dog, you have several options. Read this article for ideas on ways to protect your family. Always make your house appear […]


Couple discover disturbing ‘murder room’ as they give virtual tour of new home

A couple have been advised to ‘start looking for a new house’ after finding a disturbing detail they missed before buying a property. TikTok user @Slowgoldie shared a video explaining that her best friend had just bought a house with her boyfriend, and on their first night her friend sent her a video tour so […]


Diva dog left looking like a sheep after refusing to hold still during hair cut

While most of us spent lockdown counting down the days until we could put down the box dyes and say goodbye to the DIY fringes, it turns out us humans weren’t the only ones desperate to get a professional trim. A diva dog desperately needed some of her excess fur cutting down while groomers were […]


Little-known iPhone trick will let you close dozens of tabs all at once without swiping

When it comes to browser tabs, I am often guilty of having too many open on my computer and on my iPhone, which as we all know can slow down the user experience. It’s easy to find yourself with dozens of tabs open for web searches you’d completely forgotten about and you probably can’t be […]


Dance teacher shares easy way to get a toned tummy while sitting at your desk

It’s fair to say many of us feel like we should be working out more, but a lot of us simply can’t be bothered. However, one woman has found a genius yet simple hack for getting a flat, toned tum, without even having to stand up, let alone going to the gym. It really does […]


Man mocked after claiming he can’t trust girlfriend because she previously dated “ugly” people

We all have faced disagreements in our relationships. They can be related to big issues, or over small things such as who took the bin out last time. But one woman was left reeling after her boyfriend claimed he couldn’t trust her any more. His ridiculous logic? He thought her exes were ugly, so didn’t […]


Little boy left speechless by mystery shopper’s kind gesture in book store

A bookseller was left in awe after a kind-hearted mystery shopper bought books for a little boy with a passion for reading. Chris Heale, who works as an Expert Book Seller for the children’s section in Waterstone’s in Hull, said that pre-coronavirus, a boy aged around 12 would often come in and spend many hours […]


Cheating girlfriend exposed after man leaves note for boyfriend in ‘genius’ place

It’s never nice to discover that you’re being cheated on. But it’s definitely better than not knowing – although, on most occasions, it’s unlikely to be a surprise. There are often signs – your partner is glued to their phone, working late or constantly seeing friends you’ve never even heard of. One bloke was praised […]