Dance teacher shares easy way to get a toned tummy while sitting at your desk

It’s fair to say many of us feel like we should be working out more, but a lot of us simply can’t be bothered.

However, one woman has found a genius yet simple hack for getting a flat, toned tum, without even having to stand up, let alone going to the gym. It really does sound too good to be true.

Dance teacher Tracey-Ann Roman took to TikTok to share a class she had found for working the torso from the comfort of your own chair.

“I am going to teach you how to get a stomach that is thin and trim, with no sit-ups and no gym,” a voice in the background could be heard saying, while Tracey-Ann sat in the chair ready to demonstrate the moves.

“We are going to work the transversus abdominis muscle. The deep core muscle way underneath that supports the pelvis and supports the organs and will help you prevent lower back problems.”

The voice went on to say that you start by sitting up straight and holding your arms in the air for one to two minutes, “and you will feel these muscles start to contract.”

“The second phase,” the voice added, “20 repetitions and bring your knee up nice and slowly and you will continue to work that core.”

Next, the voice could be heard telling Tracey-Ann to sit on the end of her chair, with her arms straight up in the air, before moving her body forward to pivot, contract and then come back.

“Pivot from the hips, come back,” it said. “Every time you go forward, squeeze those abs. You’re going to do 20 repetitions. So do those daily and your stomach will love you.”

One TikTok user commented by pointing out that no matter how much exercise you do, a huge proportion of it comes down to having a healthy diet.

“But remember,” Tracey-Ann responded, “when you start to build muscle, you burn fat faster and will start to lose inches – but yes, course you have to eat healthy too.”

Who needs the gym when you can literally workout from the comfort of your own chair?